"Creation Pictured at its Best"
Fine landscape photography featuring images from the remote upper Yukon River valley of Alaska


"Mid-summer Daydream"

The purpose of this website is to exalt and proclaim the magnificence of God's creative genius through the presentation and sale of fine photographic gifts featuring images from Alaska's remote upper Yukon River valley.  I am happy to make these items available to you at competitive prices in order that you may, in turn, share them with others.

A gift of natural beauty is always appropriate --and never goes out of style.  I encourage you to take advantage of my effort to "preserve the priceless" by making a purchase for your family, friends, home, office, website, or publication.

My matted prints, greeting cards, canvas wraps, and digital files are of the highest quality and resolution that current technology will allow.

What you see is the result of a stringent sifting of my personal photographic archives over the course of the last decade.  Images such as these are not often observed in nature.  Even less frequently are they able to be adequately captured for authentic reproduction and high-resolution printing.

You will notice that I do not offer a large number of selections.  The reason is simply stated:  I endeavor to present only the exceptional, the striking, and the uncommon -- that which evokes an inner response.  I hope that you will agree with my standards.

Offerings may change from time to time --so please "check in" every now and then to see what might be new.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.  If you like what you see, please tell a friend.

Brian Heaphy


Disclaimer For Photographic Assets:  All images and notational texts contained within this website are the exclusive property of Brian M. Heaphy.  No part of these images or texts may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without expressed written permission from Brian M. Heaphy or his agent. 

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